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Oregon Agency Disclosure Pamphlet (<- Please read!)

Representation Options

YOYO (You’re On Your Own) This option is almost strictly an MLS listing service. Your property information is uploaded to the MLS and remarks to agents and showing information lists your contact information with the instructions to contact you. You will do all the property showings to prospective buyers that contact you. Any buyers that contact me directly are mine to service or refer to any of my associates, who will show the property. I do not represent you in any way. If a buyer’s agent presents you with an offer, it’s up to you to represent yourself. The only documentation I supply is the Seller Property Disclosure; it must be fully filled out, signed and returned to me before I upload any information. This listing is good for a year. It’s up to you to advertise it wherever it suits you, as long as you don’t misrepresent it.

You must provide:

  • No fewer than 20 professional quality photos. Professional quality videos and drone photos are welcome, but not required. One picture needs to best represent the full scope of the property, and is to be the lead picture in the MLS AND in your own ads.
  • You must make your property ready and available for showing.
  • A description of no less than 500 characters. If you aren’t a writer, I will help you with that, and reserve the right to edit your submission to best showcase the property.
  • Your own yard sign.
  • A Buyer’s Agent commission fee, payable from proceeds at close of escrow, if an Agent is used.
  • You are required to inform me in writing when you accept an offer, and when you close escrow. Otherwise I don’t require any other kind of correspondence.

Cost: $750 for the “home” MLS, an additional $250 for one other MLS. See maps below. This fee is due at time of service. This listing is good for a year.  A renewal fee of $250/$150 per year is required to continue listing after first year. Hint: if the listing goes past a year without any acceptable offers, you should take a hard look at your price, description, and even your pictures. Do they represent your property adequately?

YOYO PLUS  This option includes those of YOYO, plus includes my professional representation in the event of a sale.    As in YOYO you will be the contact person in the MLS, show the property to prospective buyers,  and any buyers that contact me directly are mine to service or refer to any of my associates.  However, once you or a buyer’s agent has procured a buyer, I handle all the documentation, help you to make decisions about offers, rejections, counter offers, inspections and repairs, open escrow and maintain frequent contact with the escrow agent, help you understand how to read and what to look for in a title report, and get you to the closing table with the least amount of stress for you.

I also provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis and property profile, and will assist you in correctly pricing your property.  The property will be uploaded to both Multiple Listing Services.

You must provide:

  • All of the above YOYO requirements.

Cost:  1% of the original LISTING price with a minimum fee of $4,500.  This is due and payable at time of service.

This is a one year listing.  Renewal is at the same price as YOYO if no information has changed.

FSO  This is a full service option.  You don’t do anything besides make your property ready and available for showing, and sign documents that you agree to.  I provide all the rest including but not limited to CMA, property profile, full representation in the event of a sale, assistance in all aspects of the sale, professional quality photos, and advertising in multiple venues that best fit the property features. I will provide a yard sign and a lockbox if so desired.  The property will be uploaded to both multiple listing services.

Cost:  A negotiated commission fee that will include the Buyer’s Agent fee will be due and payable at time of close of escrow, with a down payment of $2500 due at time of service.  The down payment will be credited to the total commission amount if a sale is closed.

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