2021-01-14 Next Round of Chemotherapy

2021-01-14 Next Round of Chemotherapy

It’s rare the opportunity to get a pretty sunset here in Boring, Oregon, where the backdrop to the east is Mt. Hood and that to the west is Portland. I thought it was a nice segue into an ovarian cancer update, and personal report of progress.

Today was the first infusion/skirmish of battle number 6 in my Crusade against cancer and the lack of good information available unless one is specifically Googling for ovarian cancer. If one only looks for “bloating, feel pregnant, constipation, sudden loss of weight, can’t eat, what disease are these symptoms?” until recently returns would NEVER come up with ovarian cancer on the first few pages. Many woman still say that their doctors didn’t LISTEN, and tried to treat them for so many other things that by the time the real diagnosis was discovered, it was too late to do anything about it….

Lucky for me, my PCP is the PA in charge at Chiloquin Open Door, and he recognized the symptoms immediately and got me the help I needed right away.

Yes, we win battles, but the problem is that molecular size blobs of the little terrorist bastards hide away and wait for the opportune time to round up, and quickly, its own growing band of terrorists and we have to start over.

This is my life now… chemo, deal with it, go clean for months, chemo again. PLEASE, no sad face icons. I’ll take the huggy icons, lots of them.  That there’s one more thing to try, to keep the terrorists at bay and kill as many of them, to keep me alive to LIVE a fun life, is a BLESSING, and not something to mourn. It’s one more chance to keep me alive till something comes along that works permanently (it’s out there, I just know it!).

And now I’m signing off to watch stupid funny shows because truly “Laughter Is The Best Medicine!’



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