2020-04-12 Easter!

2020-04-12 Easter!

What better way to celebrate our Lord’s sacrifice and resurrection than to spend it out on the land?  Actually it was riding while listening to some wonderful hymns that friends sent to my phone!  Easter service on the mountain…

Joan Bartz and I spent the morning oohing and ahhing over yet more new blooming cacti!  And views!  And amazingly “challenging” trails.

Chica and I have been riding with Joan for about 3 weeks, and this is the state of her shoes, that were put on the day before we arrived here.  Not only are they worn thin already, but notice that they have slid back a bit.  All four feet!  This is a great illustration of the how steep and rocky the trails are here.  They are definitely not for the faint of heart.

This ride started from the “gravel pit” a short distance from Apache Junction along The Apache Trail, also known as Arizona Highway 88.  We rode from this trailhead on March 26th, the Hackberry Spring Trail which ran westerly from the trailhead.  Today we headed east across the highway and into the wild.  As it turns out, it’s not really all that wild because about 5 miles away as the crow flies is our campground!  But it sure looks wild while you’re out there.

At a cross-trails that locals refer to as 4 Corners, Joan gave me the option of going one way that would add another 4 miles to the 4 miles we’d already gone, or about 2 miles back to the trailer.  Honestly, poor Chica was pretty danged tired!  She can go all day on the flat, but these mountains are tough.  By the time I was given the choice, she was still gamely climbing and descending rock based 10% grades, but now she was obviously taking a run at inclines versus the initial slow and steady climb.  I was happy to see that she wasn’t particularly winded though, just muscle tired.  She got an extra flake of alfalfa when we got back to camp.

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Check out these elevation changes!



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