2020 OK Corral info & local rides

2020 OK Corral info & local rides

Ron and Jayne Feldman own and operate both OK Corral RV Park and Campground, and OK Corrals Stables, a guided horse-for-hire business located a few miles apart in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction, AZ.

I believe they are usually pretty full-up for the winter, but one can always check ahead of time.  I was lucky to not need a spot until one came open as folks headed for their summer residences.  I think there are a total of 20 full hook-up sites.

I arrived here on March 16th, and as time goes on there will be fewer and fewer residents as they too head back to cooler climates for the summer.  This is also the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as off the main track as this place is, it’s a safe place to shelter-in-place.  The picture above shows the layout of the property, with the RV’s parked off to the lower right, and the horse pens to the upper left.  All stalls have covers.  Two of the round pens serve as home to horses until they leave, then can be used for round pen exercising.  Chica’s pen isn’t shown on this older photo.  It’s way to the left where it looks like a couple of trailers are parked.  This area now has two stalls plus an exercise area, and since it was empty, Chica gets the whole thing.  This is perfect for her temperament, since she’s prone to being too attached to horses she’s stalled next to.  She’s a much better horse when she gets to visit only on rides.

Verizon service has 4 & 5 bars.  Visible internet, while it uses Verizon’s network, is extremely slow and non-existent from my spot.  I’m not a happy camper about that!  The service was great every other place I’ve tested it so far in the past year.

These pictures are just general, “here I am” pictures.  (Click any picture to open slideshow.)


One of the reasons I decided to camp here for the couple of months left in my chemo schedule is because my friend Joan Bartz is here.  She’s a fearless rider, with a really calm horse (mostly).  I’m delighted to say that he and Chica get along famously, as do Joan and I.  Here’s an odd situation…  Both Joan and I love riding alone.  And for some reason our horses are perfectly happy to move along with a good 30+/- feet between them.  This is kind of like riding alone, but with someone compatible at the same time.  Make sense?

Joan also likes to use her Garmin to GPS her rides.  Oddly, the first two rides together, our combined gadgets failed us!

This was a short hour or so, just a beginner’s guide of the area.  It did go by the rodeo grounds, which is oddly not open to travelers or local usage.  Gates are locked, no way to get in.


This was a longer ride, kind of a top-of-the-world ride that I didn’t get really great pictures of.  I’m fascinated with the number and variety of flowers and cacti that are blooming, due to the excess moisture that the area has enjoyed this winter.  Yes, rain follows me.  I think I should rent myself out to drought stricken areas.  There isn’t a definitive answer about why the occasional saguaro develops the crest.  Some think it’s a mutation, or a virus, or even the result of a lightning strike.  It’s pretty cool, whatever causes it.  You can read more about it here.


That’s pretty much for this page.  If you are interested in the Visible phone service, which works really well other than where I’m parked, please feel free to use my referral code, BPQ9f (case sensitive), and you will get a discount, and I’ll get a commission!  For $40/mo or less (with referrals) you get all the phone, text, and INTERNET you can use.  I have bought their $19 phone, which is completely usable, to use strictly for the high speed internet that has no cap.  When it works.  I do highly recommend it for your internet service.  The phone works as a phone too… it’s just that the only time I’ve used it was to call to find my “regular” phone.  LOL!



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