2020-03-26 Hackberry Spring Trail

2020-03-26 Hackberry Spring Trail

The day dawned cloudy and cool, which is perfect riding weather here in Arizona.  Even in late winter/early spring the sun can beat so strongly and directly that one can get a “bit” too hot pretty quickly!  Chica is still pretty hairy, and most of our riding this winter has been on the relatively flat and not particularly difficult terrain of the desert plains, so she’s not real fit yet.  Trails in this part of Arizona, along the shoulders of the Superstition Mountains are rocky, steep, and sometimes pretty challenging.  It’s always a good thing to actually know where you are going, have a good guide, or know how to read your GPS or map!

The red line… 5.9 miles as per my GPS.  Click for a larger version.

Apparently this sign is a bit wrong.  LOL!

Joan Bartz and I started from the trail head known as the gravel pit.  There are two other trail heads, First Water and Second Water.  These pictures are taken at the First Water trail head.  Yes, the bathroom is closed, for our protection against corona virus.

As you will see by the pictures the landscape is varied and dramatic.  The trails are challenging in places for both hikers and riders.  Joan’s horse’s shoes have borium on them for added traction, because she rides these kinds of trails all the time.  Chica did well with her regular shoes, and I think a booted horse would do well, too.  Barefooted would not be a great idea.

The desert is coming alive with flowers everywhere, including the cacti!

I used my Garmin Montana 650t to record this ride, and uploaded the track to Gaia.com  (affiliate link!) for mapping and stats.  There is a free app you can download for your phone.

Click any picture to start slideshow.  Be sure to click the right or left arrows to progress.


Click here to download images and gpx files.



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