The first day of a new decade

The first day of a new decade

What does a died-in-the-wool trail rider do on the first day of a new year, let alone the first day of a new decade?  Go for a ride, that’s what!  Too bad our fearless leader Karla Barnes had to work today, because the weather was perfect and my “need to know” thing was satisfied.  I’d found an old 4×4 track on the map that would lead to Eagle Eye Rd very near the cemetery, which is a trail head, and I needed to know if it was passable.

Was it?  No.  There’s a very substantial, several times locked gate right in the way!  And unlike other fenced areas, this one didn’t have any downed or opened fencing to get by it.

Here’s what we were trying to follow:

A simple two mile ride.
That would have been added to the very lower left hand corner of the lower square.

These are the stats for the ride as shown above:

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More pictures (click on a pic to open):



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